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What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo disorder is a skin condition in which there is loss of pigment (color) from areas of skin. Once the pigment cell melanocytes responsible for making the body color is destroyed it resulting in irregular white milky patches. These patches are more usually found on sun exposed areas of the body like arms, face, feet, and lips.

Vitiligo is the skin disease that is common in every part of the world. The affect of vitiligo on the patients differs with each individual as the atmosphere and weather is different in every place that affects the vitiligo disease. Some vitiligo patients notices serve vitiligo in which the pigment may be lost from the entire body. The color loss can differ within each vitiligo patch. Vitiligo often begins with a quick loss of pigment (color) which may be increase gradually and can spread to different parts of the body.

Vitiligo disease is equally common in men and women. It affects different ethnics and both the sex equally. Vitiligo can appear at any age but normally the vitiligo can notice at the age of 20.

The main concern for the vitiligo patients is the availability of the cure for vitiligo. Different intellectuals and researches have interest in collecting the information on the causes of vitiligo, how the vitiligo starts, what are the symptoms of vitiligo but for vitiligo patient it has no importance. The valuable information for the patient is vitiligo cure and the vitiligo treatment available to treat the symptoms of vitiligo.

How to Cure Vitiligo?

We have already discussed about vitiligo cure on our blog. For the people who did not believe that vitiligo can be cure the articles will be helpful. We have given our opinion on the topic that is vitiligo curable? So in this post I will not discuss about the matter that is vitiligo curable.

What are the tips helpful to Cure Vitiligo?

  1. Use hygienic and fresh food.
  2. Avoid using artificial drinks.
  3. Avoid using spices chicken and meat.
  4. Avoid using the eggs.
  5. Make it possible to avoid sun exposure.
  6. Use the herbal medicines that are free of side effects and have no chemical reactions.
  7. “Stop Vitiligo Oil” of the herbal medical is the best choice to use as it is made of natural substances and is free of side effects.

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Vitiligo is the skin disorder in which the white patches are discovered on different parts of the skin due to the destruction of pigment cell that is responsible for making the body color.

Vitiligo Treatment is the main topic for those who are affected from vitiligo skin disorder. Vitiligo is the most important topic today on which different expert is studying to find out the medicines or the treatment that helps vitiligo disease patients to overcome from vitiligo. Different researches and works are in the process that is done by different universities and institutes professionals of the health field.

According to most recent research which was carry out in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, transplanting healthy melanocytes cells and wrap it with a special dressing can help the involve vitiligo area regain up to 52 percent of its natural color. Melanocytes transplantation is reported to facilitate the hypo-pigmented area regain up to 74 percent of its color after treatment in patients with a particular type of Vitiligo, the study found.

Scientist hopes their conclusion will cover the way for the development of more successful techniques in treating patients with the vitiligo skin disease. The report was published in Press TV sat 13 March, 2010 Edition.

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The patients who are suffered from vitiligo skin disease they have many doubts in their minds about the term vitiligo cure. There are many questions raised in the patient’s minds about vitiligo cure. Is vitiligo cure really possible? The mention question is mainly asked by patients form the experts.

Many ideas are common about vitiligo cure and are available on the net and other sources. Some of the people on different websites define the term vitiligo cure in the sense that a patient get the impression that complete re-pigmentation will be observed and the white patches will not emerge again. Some have defined the term in the sense that absolute re-pigmentation will be notice in every vitiligo patient but white patches can reappear again. The last theory that is popular about vitiligo cure is that complete and partial re-pigmentation both is possible in the affected skin areas, and there is also a minor possibility of reappearance of milky white patches.
The first 2 views that define the term vitiligo cure have some objections. None of the expert, specialist, dermatologist and herbal experts give guaranteed that vitiligo can not be appear again till the last breath of life because the actual cause is not known so the white patches can appear again. Different medicines available for vitiligo or other vitiligo treatments only treat the symptoms. The second objection is that it is not possible that each and every vitiligo disorder affected can get rid from vitiligo. The objection mentioned above had a suitable reason because the hormones, weather, stress and climate are different in every individual case that affects vitiligo.
In short we come to the result that the third theory is good enough in the eyes of experts, herbalist, expert doctors and dermatologist. If a patient assume the meaning of vitiligo cure as it describes in the 3rd theory then it is acceptable. It is also compulsory to have knowledge about the vitiligo treatments that are available for the treatment of vitiligo.

Different vitiligo treatments are available through out the globe to cure vitiligo. The vitiligo cause is not fully understood so the experts and doctors give advice for different vitiligo treatments to cure vitiligo. Some of the famous and popular treatment that is available in the US, UK and other parts of the world are

  • Use of Steroids
  • Photo chemo Therapy
  • Oral Psoralen with Ultra Violet rays
  • Surgical Therapies

All the vitiligo treatment that have mentioned above had complications and are contain side effects. The vitiligo disease patient’s preference is to find out the treatment that has ability to cure vitiligo and is also free of side effects. The use of alternative medicines gains popularity because of the awareness increasing in the patients mind. The patients now asked for the vitiligo treatment that is free of side effect. Herbal medicines, homeopathy and ayurvedic are the alternative treatments that are gain popularity in every disease that cause is not completely understood. As the nature of the medicine is totally natural so the people take the medicine without any fear. But remember that fake herbal & homeopathy medicines are available in the market. They sell out the product with the slogan that get 100 percent satisfactory results with the guarantee that white patches will never appear again. Be ware of them as it is the trick to sell out the cheap products with a magical slogan.

Stop vitiligo oil is the product of herbal medical made of natural substance and is free of side effects. The outcome of the vitiligo treatment oil shows that approximately 80% of patient gets absolute re pigmentation after applying the herbal vitiligo oil. Twenty percent of the patients get 70 percent re-pigmentation after they make use of herbal vitiligo oil. The re-emergence of milky white patches is also observed in the vitiligo disease patients. But they are notice in the patients who eat unhygienic diet. So it is a good news for the vitiligo patients that vitiligo cure is possible without any side effect.
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Vitiligo skin disorder is the medical term use for the white patches that become visible on the parts of body after the pigment cell responsible for making the skin color is destroyed. Melanocytes is the skin cell that is responsible for making the body color, unfortunately when the melanocytes is destroyed vitiligo skin disorder is seen in the patient. Vitiligo disease affected patients seek for years to discover out the treatment that cure vitiligo that are free of side effects.

Firstly know what the term vitiligo cure means? Vitiligo cure does not mean that white patches will guarantee disappear and will never re appear. This is nothing but a big lie. Vitiligo cure use in the meaning that the re-pigmentation development starts in the affected vitiligo disease skin and white patches will disappear is the accepted theory. But this does not mean that each and every patient will notice the same results and vitiligo will be cure. To cure each and every vitiligo case through any vitiligo treatment is not the genuine picture as environment, weather and hormones are different in every individual that affects  vitiligo.

The real cause of vitiligo is not totally understood so different vitiligo treatment options can be considered to cure vitiligo. Experts recommend different treatment for vitiligo. Some of the specialist recommended for surgical therapies, others advice to use steroids and various recommended to use ultraviolet rays. Vitiligo cure with no side effects is the priority for the vitiligo disease patient. Different vitiligo treatment that are available and mention above, not all of them are free of side effects. Vitiligo herbal treatment or natural vitiligo treatment are the treatments that is free of side effects and made of herbal substances.

Herbal treatment for the vitiligo disease is rapidly growing all over the world.  The kind of herbal treatment is completely natural so the people now a day give first choice to use herbal medicines instead of other treatments. Herbal Medical introduces vitiligo treatment oil to cure vitiligo disease without any side effects. The substances use in the oil is purely natural.

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Hair loss oil is the necessity for those who are victim of the hair loss disease. If you feel your hair is thinning or falling out, you are most likely anxious to find out why. Is the hair loss is due to inheritance, stress or some other factor is involve in it. The answer is “yes” to all. All the three may be the cause of hair loss.

Normal Hair Loss:

Both the men and women lose about approximately 100 hairs per day which is a normal thing, out of the 100,000 contained by the average scalp. This is due to a few factors:

  • Styling: Conditioning, shampooing, drying and brushing hair can all result in a few hairs to fall out, and most of us do this on a regular basis.
  • Aging: After the age of 30 or even before, men and women both start losing hair, though men tend to lose hair at a faster rate then a women.
  • Lifespan: The normal lifespan of a single hair is 4.5 years; the hair then falls out and is restore within 6 months by a new hair.

Inherited Hair Loss:
Genetic hair loss isn’t because of large amounts of hair falling as many of the people believe but to an inadequate amount of hairs growing back to replace the hairs that have been shed. Hereditary baldness is connected with a few factors:

  • Hormones: Pattern baldness is associated with testosterone; women who have extra of it in their system as they age tend to lose more hair. This is the reason why more men experience pattern baldness.
  • Gender: Inheritance or pattern baldness is more ordinary in men than in women.
  • Age: By the age of 30, 1 in 4 men is balding; by age 60, 2 in 3 men are balding or bald.

Stress and Hair Loss:
It is very famous in the society that stress can cause hair loss and it is true. The people with extreme physical or emotional stress that related with illness, injury or mental disturbance, can cause any of the two types of hair loss:

  • The more ordinary type is called telogen effluvium. With this less harsh type of hair loss, the hair stops growing and fall out only in 2 or 3 months later then it grows back within 6 to 9 months.
  • The other kind of stress-induced hair loss is identified as alopecia areata that engage a white blood cell attack on the hair follicles. In this kind of hair loss, the hair also drops out within weeks, but can involve the complete scalp and even body hair. Hair may grow back but the treatment may possibly also be required.

Other Hair Loss Factors:
There are also other reasons that can also cause hair loss that includes

  • Illness or Injuries
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and the use of birth control pill
  • Nervous habits
  • Chemotherapy

The question arises that the above mentioned are the causes of hair loss, does the hair loss oil prevent the hair loss? Yes the herbal oil are present in the market that are made of natural substances and had ability to prevent hair loss. The oil that prevents hair  loss are made of herbal substances and are result oriented.

If you are suffering from hair loss or your hair is thinning and it seems abnormal then it’s a good idea to start the treatment for hair loss. If you want a treatment of hair loss which is free of side effect and is result oriented then give a try to Hair Loss Oil of herbal medical. If you need to know more about hair loss causes, hair loss treatment and hair loss cure then visit the below site:


Vitiligo a skin disease resulted in the appearance of white patches in one or few parts of the body. Vitiligo is basically a skin disease mainly due to the destruction of melanocytes a pigment producing cell that is responsible for making the skin color of the human body. That is the famous theory about the cause of vitiligo. But the researchers agreed that till now the actual cause of vitiligo is not completely known. The question raises in the mind that taking only the medicine is enough to cure vitiligo or there should be any diet plan as vitiligo is the skin disorder.

Vitiligo is the skin disease that not only need the medicine but it is necessary for the vitiligo patient to take the healthy and hygienic diet. There is the reason why I am focusing on herbal diet. When some patients of vitiligo starts using the stop vitiligo oil of herbal medical they notice positive results and the white patches starts disappearing. But suddenly they notice re-appearance of white patches and according to them they realizes that the oil is not improving the vitiligo disease condition. One of the patient that belongs to Pakistan when ask about the diet he told that it has been 3 weeks that i am not notice the results of the stop vitiligo oil.

The experts asked about the diet and he told that normally i took the home food but since 3 weeks i am taking the market food. He told us that in the beginning when he started using the oil he notice the positive results. The answers clear the picture and the problem was resolved. He was giving advice to use home food as the market food in Pakistan and other third world countries is unhygienic. When he contacted again after a month, he was asked about the progress of vitiligo skin disorder he said that now i am taking the home food and the oil is also giving the result. He was then hopeful that he will get rid of vitiligo.

So for the vitiligo skin disorder patients it is necessary to take a healthy and hygienic diet and specially for the third world country patient they should avoid using market food. As I recommend to use herbal vitiligo treatment to cure vitiligo, I also give advice to take hygienic diet.

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